Organic Handmade Soap with a Cause

Win a Year of Soap!



That's Right!  Win a Year's worth of Poppy Soap when 3 of your referring friends donate to our Indiegogo campaign.  How do you do that? It's easy, read on:

Step 1) Make sure you are logged into your Indiegogo account
Step 2) Visit the Poppy Soap Co. Campaign page
Step 3) Locate the link below the video and post, tweet and share it with your friends

Note: the link will look something like this where the number signs are your unique ID code. When you share this link with friends, anybody who clicks on it and then gets themselves some of our organic soap will be associated with your account.

At the end of the campaign, we'll tally up everybody who has referred 3 friends who donated to our campaign and YOU will receive a YEARS SUPPY OF POPPY SOAP!

Want to see where you stand? In the upper-right hand corner, click on "my profile" then click on the tab "my impact" to see your referrals.

Any questions? Post a comment or email and we'll get you squared away. Thanks!


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