Organic Handmade Soap with a Cause

Press Release

Meet a soap company turning their consumers into super heroes

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, one in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. Only a small percentage (5%) will ever seek help from organizations, shelters or the police. While shelters provide valuable resources and support for women in need, the experience can often feel dehumanizing, isolating and lonely.

What if there were a simple way to foster a sense of support and community by providing women in shelters with a warm welcome and a human touch? Meet a company that is doing exactly that – with a little help from their customers.

Poppy Soap Co. is a California-based organic, handmade soap company founded on the tenants of quality ingredients, sustainable practices and giving back to local communities around the country. This unique business model not only lends itself to the creation of an exceptional product, it also sparks a meaningful conversation that is good for consumers, Mother Earth and humanity.

Since it was founded in 2012, Poppy Soap has been empowering a “give back” movement in the United States by connecting consumers with local women’s shelters. For every bar of Poppy Soap purchased online or in stores, the brand donates an additional bar to a local women’s shelter. To date, Poppy Soap’s “Bar for Bar” initiative has provided women in shelters with more than 3,000 bars of soap serving as a human touch of hope as they begin on a new life journey.

The cause isn’t just a side project for the brand; intimate violence is an injustice that permeates the core of the company. Many of the women employed by the Poppy Soap Co. are survivors of intimate violence or have received services from local women’s shelters. By becoming part of Poppy Soap Co. and its Bar for Bar movement, they’re able to give back to others who are facing similar struggles and situations.  

“We’re not unique because we care,” says Poppy Soap Founder, Lindy LaRoche, “We’re unique because we help others care. We bring awareness to an intimate violence epidemic in our country while providing a truly handmade, personalized soap experience that benefits the health of your skin and is good for the environment. Our product empowers people to have a conversation about supporting women’s shelters. Rather than just giving people another way to consume, we give consumers a simple way to take an actionable role in doing good by becoming part of a local give back movement.”


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